Terry Winters

Terry Winters  Dumb Compass  1985

“Winters continues to discomfort and unsettle as much as he seduces. By cultivating forces that create friction, irresolution, ambiguity, and fluctuation, he infuses his work with unusual metaphoric power. We are witness to both entropic and creative processes; disorder and formation; fragmenta­tion and coalescence. All logical opposition - figure/ground, inside/outside, male/female - is subsumed within paradoxical incongruities and cyclical movements of stasis and growth, morphology and psychology, chaos and order, mystery and precision, deliberation and spontaneity. Winters offers his speculative natural history to counter official systems of scientific theory, religious experience, and psychoanalytic definitions, which can never adequately describe the structure, complexity, and sensuality of the world.”
                                                                    Lisa Phillips

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