Micky Donnelly  Proposition #28  2008/2010  Oil on Fabric on Canvas

“The creative act is an example of someone working from an internal set of heuristics, or trial-and error models, that has evolved through time. Every hunch, may, in fact, be traced to a heuristic. The feeling an artist has, for instance, that a certain colour would work in a certain place, though they may not be able to describe it in words, can be attributed to a problem-solving strategy which is partly unconscious in nature, and which may involve several trial-and-error models interacting. What is deemed to be truly original does not come from thin air. It is the result of the combinations of and relationships between many heuristics which currently exist within a consciousness, out of which a new heuristic arises, only to be thrown back into the mix. Unexpected moves become necessary for experience, and experience becomes necessary for making further unexpected moves."
                                                     adapted from an anonymous internet text

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